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  • Published by on 19/06/2024

    Great item, my cat loves it! The only downside is it doesn't fit in the washing machine as the opening (metal piece) is very big.

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  • Published by on 19/06/2024

    Great item, easy to clean

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  • Published by on 09/06/2024

    good price .like it

    See Fine Aquarium Fishing Net
  • Published by on 12/02/2024

    I have big mail cat-he hunts all: seagull, sparrows, little lap dogs- no matter of size-last time he tried to catch wild pigeon (being on leash) -I wasn’t sure in this product -but it stopped -everybody where safe and this product survived of course my cat was disappointed but the wild hunt isn’t ok -he has food to eat- soo I do recommend it -if it stopped 8 kg cat -it’s the proof it works -of course every time -going out make sure You control every part of it so it won’t fell off ;)

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  • Published by on 17/10/2023

    Really like it, my cat supper love this one. I want to order again but it's not in stock yet. So you know how I and my cat love it

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  • Published by on 27/02/2023

    Perfect size for a Netherland dwarf and he loves that it has 2 doors.

    See Small House Tilde, Natural Living
  • Published by on 05/02/2023

    An excellent mineral block. I had been looking for a replacement for a large mineral block for my bird without a lot of success until I found this one on the Miscota website. My Cockatoo loves it and as the item is very robust I am hoping it will last as long as the previous one from another company. I thoroughly recommend this company for all avian products, for large or small birds!

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  • Published by on 16/12/2022

    Great size for a Syrian hamster

    See Ceramic House Taupe
  • Published by on 01/12/2022

    Dogs loved them

    See Esquisita toothbrush light chicken 7 units
  • Published by on 23/11/2022

    Great natural repellent!

    See Shampoo Repellent Neem Oil
  • Published by on 04/11/2022

    product as described

    See Ramal Tracking, Green
  • Published by on 03/11/2022

    These toys are great, my cat can’t get enough of playtime with them.

    See 4 Multi Shaped Rubber Balls
  • Published by on 23/10/2022

    Super cute! Perfect size for a dwarf hamster.

    See Ceramic Turquoise House
  • Published by on 06/09/2022

    Poodles love these

    See Premio Duck Bites
  • Published by on 06/09/2022

    Poodles love these

    See Premio Chicken Drumsticks
  • Published by on 10/08/2022

    This is brilliant grass. Sprouts so quickly!

    See Tray Bio Grass
  • Published by on 01/08/2022

    My little Trixie cat dish has the same design as the one pictured above but it is flatter and longer. A very reasonable price. I love Trixie cat designs .

    See Ceramic Bowl
  • Published by on 31/07/2022

    Absolutely delighted with these angled dishes. My cat loves eating from them. They were packaged fantastic, delivered & most of all look great.

    See Trough Ceramic White
  • Published by on 04/07/2022

    Very nice toy, my t-cup yorki love it

    See Aqua Toy TPR Tumbler
  • Published by on 20/06/2022

    my dog loves the ball to play with

    See Assortment Tennis Ball
  • Published by on 24/05/2022

    The five toy poodles certainly enjoy them. They have to be rationed or they would be rolling around

    See Training Hearts Mini Snack Award
  • Published by on 12/05/2022

    Just normal and small plate.

    See Feeder Cats Stainless Steel, 0.2 L
  • Published by on 26/04/2022

    Used before for the bunnies, very good for our bunnies

    See Pasta de malta de bayas rojas
  • Published by on 23/04/2022

    Able to handle tug, easy to throw and easy to find

    See Ball With Rope, Natural Rubber
  • Published by on 11/04/2022

    Good strong toy.

    See Jute Wooden Wand Mouse with Feathers
  • Published by on 28/03/2022

    Five toy poodles and they just love them

    See Training Hearts Mini Snack Award
  • Published by on 23/03/2022

    It’s working good. My cat like the rug.

    See Semi-Circular PVC Mat
  • Published by on 20/03/2022

    I have a picky cat and would only have this one.

    See Anti Hair Balls, Malta And Cheese
  • Published by on 02/02/2022

    It certainly helps my cat use his paws

    See Cat Activity Snack Hive XXL Light Grey Strategy Set
  • Published by on 02/02/2022

    Well received without any damages, and it's good for my cat to spend time when I am not home

    See Turn Around Cat Activity
  • Published by on 29/01/2022


    See Natural Living Flexible Bridge for Rabbits
  • Published by on 29/01/2022


    See Pasarela H
  • Published by on 23/01/2022

    Easy to feed to my cat by emptying the liquid in the tube into a bowl. Not cheap to buy but has ingredients which are good for dry skin and fur care.

    See Creamy Snack 6x15 Gr.
  • Published by on 16/01/2022

    They loved them

    See Snack Crackers With Salmon And Catnip, 50Gr
  • Published by on 10/01/2022

    My boy loves malt treats, but wouldn't touch this, unfortunately.

    See Anti Hair Balls, Malta And Cheese
  • Published by on 01/01/2022

    My dogs favourite treat

    See Premio Chicken Drumsticks
  • Published by on 29/12/2021

    strongly recommend!

  • Published by on 21/12/2021

    My kitty adores these

  • Published by on 21/12/2021

    Good quality

    See Matatabi Chewy Sticks
  • Published by on 08/12/2021

    I wish it was less electrical (it gets electric and pulls fur on it) but in generally it works. At least looks cute.

    See Pussy Cat Mats
  • Published by on 08/12/2021

    Good-for cats who are active.

    See Corner Scraper Board
  • Published by on 30/11/2021

    Bra service, rekommenderas

    See Premio Chicken Cheese Stripes
  • Published by on 17/11/2021

    The product is good as expected, my rabbits like eating from it.

    See Porta Hay Pendant
  • Published by on 28/10/2021

    Perfect, and great price

    See Silk Hanging Plant Abutilon
  • Published by on 28/10/2021

    Used these for my 2 baby cornsnakes, they love them!

    See Coconut House
  • Published by on 23/10/2021

    my cat love it is

    See Tray Bio Grass
  • Published by on 18/10/2021

    Delivery was within the expected time frame and well packed. Product was as described and competitively priced. Really love it, thank you.

    See Trough Ceramic White
  • Published by on 07/10/2021

    Easy to set up, looks as promised. I'm satisfied

    See Transport Bag for Birds 27x32x27 Cm.
  • Published by on 07/10/2021

    Much smaller than described. And is not even near as good quality as the picture promises. Will not buy again

    See Natural Living Wicker Ball with Bell 18 Cm.
  • Published by on 27/08/2021

    I love it and parakeets loves it thank you miscota

    See Ferris Wheel for Birds