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  • Published by on 23/11/2021


  • Published by on 07/10/2019

    Fantastic harness for a dog that can wriggle out of a normal one. Fits my 4kg Min Pin perfectly and he is happy with wearing it.

    See Front Range™ Harness Blue
  • Published by on 07/08/2017

    This harness is really good. It is perfect that it has a loop on the chest as well and that it is padded. My dog seems happy with it so it must be comfortable.

    See Front Range Harness Wild Berry
  • Published by on 01/02/2016

    The Ruffwear Load Up is one of just a few car harnesses on the market, which have been crash tested. I purchased it when I discovered that my dog's existing harness was prone to catastrophic failure and am very pleased with my purchase. Once you have made the initial adjustments to ensure that it fits your dog (spend 10 minutes or so to get a good fit), it can be fitted and removed within 30 seconds. I particularly like the fact that the harness is not a 'step in' design, which I have always found more difficult to put on my dog. You place the collar section over the dog's head and connect the stomach "bib" section to the back section with two heavy duty stainless steel buckles. It really couldn't be simpler, then feed the seat belt through the webbing loop and your dog is secured. It seems to be well made and offers enough freedom to allow your dog to sit/lie/stand. Like anybody who buys this type of product, I hope that I will never have to test it's full capabilities. I do feel though that in the event of an accident I have given my faithful companion the best possible chance of avoiding injury.
    Not cheap but I'd strongly recommended it if you are looking for a robust car harness for your pooch.

    See Harness Load Ups Obsidian Black
  • Published by on 01/10/2015

    The prefect cover for my dogs back packs at a very good price. Delivery was quick and I would not hesitate in purchasing from them again. Highly recommended.

    See Hi & Dry ™ Saddlebag Cover
  • Published by on 19/08/2015

    Excellent fitting coat. Easy to adjust and dog seems very comfortable wearing it . Reflective strips and area to attach beacon are very useful.

    See K-9-Overcoat™ Utility Jacket - Red
  • Published by on 19/08/2015

    Excellent quality collar. Sturdy hard wear, great colour, easy to attach name tags and highly reflective at night. My dog looks great in this.

    See Chain Reaction Dog Collar Medium