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Buy strap for the pet that will accompany you in your home, it is an expected time. To get the best suited, nothing better than visiting where you will be delighted with the wide variety of models that have at your fingertips.

To select leashes must take into account a number of aspects including race, age, size of the pet, and type of material.

The first thing to do is select the appropriate belt for dogs, as a good fit can make a difference, and ensure the rapid adaptation of your dog to use it. Remember that walking is an accessory.

One aspect you should keep in mind is that leashes are not an instrument of punishment. If your dog is not used to using them, you can get this accessory as an uncomfortable element and limiting their freedom of movement.

Best dog leash

Once you 've selected the belt, you must teach your dog to use it. The interesting thing is that most dogs learn to use it quickly. However, some breeds are frightened when they are held for something new to them and others are dedicated to bite when they go out for a walk.

The work is a team and as such, we recommend that you first allow Him sniff and see it for a few minutes. Then colócasela, but not until you are familiar hales, it will take a few days until your dog understands that means going for a walk and not a reaction to feel controlled. Your success will be when you bring your pet strap to warn that it was time to go out for his walk.

Brands leashes

Safety and comfort are essential when choosing dog leashes factors. You must bear in mind that this accessory walk should ensure that the pet can not be released, even tugs to give, and should be made of good materials as cotton, leather, rubber, nylons, neoprene, they are not damaged easily. In straps will find brands: Flexy , Julius K9 , Arppe , Vitakraft , among others, that you can select and are adjusted to your budget.

Extendable leashes

An excellent choice for a walk with your pet are extendable leashes that give the animal greater freedom of movement and contact with the outside world, as some can reach up to eight meters. They are designed preferably for dogs up to 60 kilos. They have automatic devices for winding the rope.

Leather belts for dogs

The extensible leashes give more freedom to walk, but if you prefer your pet learn to stay as close as possible to his knee, to have more control when walking on sidewalks crowded or crossing streets, the best option is leather belts for dogs that ensure comfort and safety to your pet.

If your preference is small breeds like French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Maltese, bichon frize, Australian Terrier, chihuahuas, Pekinese, Volpino Italiano, among others, belts for small dogs must be adapted to the weight and size to meet its function.

No dog should go out without his dog collar , and without their plate for dogs . Visit and buy the best in thongs!

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