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Dog Flea control collar

Taking care of your pet also means dealing with their parasites, or better, it means preventing a parasite invasion on their body and fur, that can cause severe health conditions to them and your family, especially if you have children.
We’re not only talking about external parasites like fleas or ticks, you can actually eliminate other types on insects or tiny mites with our dog flea control collar, or drops or specific dog shampoos.

The benefits of using dog flea control collar

Generally the dog flea control collars we offer in our store all have a preventive effect concerning flea and parasite attacks on your dog. Ticks are also another type of well-known parasite of the dogs, that’s why this product is also known as flea & tick collar.

You will find them from different brands, for instance Scalibor, Virbac or Beaphar. However, if you are loyal to specific labels and only reading the brand Friskies inspires confidence, you will also find the flea and parasite control products we offer from this brand. For those who prefer the products offered by A-level pharmaceutical brands, our online catalogue avails of Bayer-produced flea & tick collar.

Flea & tick period effect

The advantage of Flea & tick collars compared to other flea and parasites control products for dogs is the long-lasting effect they have, besides, of course, its easy application, as it’s enough to put it on your pet’s neck and allow it to act for some months. Some collars such as Seresto are effective even for eight months.

These durable effects are what make them different than other products like drops, which have one-month duration, or from parasite control tablets.

Safety measures you need to take with Flea and Tick Collars

Collars like the ones offered by Scalibor, Trixie or Beaphar are based on pesticides, specifically ectoparasiticide. These substances repel insects and parasites that cause no harm to dogs or human beings skin.

However, if you get to touch them while for example putting it on your dog’s neck , it is recommendable that you wash your hands before touching your eyes, mouth or nose. This caution deserves special attention when it comes to children, who could be playing with a dog wearing Flea and Tick Collar. Besides, we should pay attention to our dogs too, who can be playing with it, especially if they’re still puppies, as they could bite, lick or eat pieces of it risking poisoning.

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