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The daily walks with your dog are the best time of day for your pet, and often also for yourself. From the moment your dog sees grab his collar and belt begins to wag his tail with joy. He already enough with that, but you may not. There are certain addons useful for walking dogs, and all of them are getting here in the pet shop

Much more than dog collars

The basic elements for a stroll with your pet is obviously the collar and leashes . Logically about these products you can find a wide variety in the corresponding sections of our shop dogs. Keep in mind when choosing them to be acquired most suitable canine accessories for your pet, for its size and for his character. However, you can also take the opportunity to individualise and differentiate it from other dogs in the park. That is, looking between custom dog collars, and make your pet is different from the rest.

For identification of your pet

That kind of necklaces contribute not only to identify your pet, but also help you locate it. With the same objective you can also provide other accessories for dogs of very practical nature.

One type of articles for very traditional dogs for recognition are nameplates for dogs . It is an element that should be fixed by a ring to the neck, holding the collar. The approach of this article is very clear, serve to identify the animal, but at the same time your presentation goes beyond a simple sheet, and there are models of all kinds to look like your pet has its own jewelery pendant.

Regardless of its appearance, this element can be key for someone to return your pet in case of loss, since in this type of identification plates can be recorded not only the name of the animal, but also an address or a phone for cases of loss.

For the location of your dog

However, this type of nameplates can be combined with a much more modern and proper element of the XXI century. We are talking about a GPS locator for dogs . This feature is very useful to know where our dog is, but in the case of loss, are very practical plates which I have mentioned, as both an individual or even the police, you can get in touch with you to give you back to your beloved pet.

In fact, we have said that in identifying these plates for dogs are a traditional item where recorded or printed basic data for a possible location. However, these plates can also be very modern, incorporating a QR code with that information.

Ride at night

Not just here stroller accessories for dogs. For example, we have specific items for night walks. Any dog ​​owner knows that if he walks with the animal by very dark areas, there may be times when you lose sight. For that reason, we propose collars or harnesses for dogs with reflective strips , or if you prefer some accessories called flashers emitting a light effect to have them available at all times.

These nocturnal walks are much more common in winter when we have fewer hours of light. So for those colder months you know of you must have the whole kit ride: belt and reflective necklace, its identification plate or GPS locator, a dog toy and so entertain a little while moving, a snack to reward good behavior and if refreshes much, do not forget to put warmer clothes. Which? In our section Clothes give you endless ideas.

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