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Nayeco for dogs

NAYECO high quality products for your pet.

A pet or pet is a pet that is not forced to work, nor is it used for food purposes.

The term comes from the French pet mascotte, and this mascoto Latin, meaning "lucky charm", so then applied to humans and animals that brought good fortune.

Are companion animals that are bred and reproduced in order to live with people, for educational, social or leisure, without any gainful activity.

In almost all human societies pets are a very old social phenomenonIn most parts of the world, the dog and cat pet par excellence, with centuries of tradition and selective breeding, but havecarved a niche many species, some with great tradition, such as birds singing, the horses ,goldfish, rabbits, hamsters, etc.


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  • Published by Monica on 01/12/2022

    Dogs liked it but not as much as other brands

  • Published by Penelope A. on 28/02/2022

    Dogs are still keen on these. This is a first!

  • Published by Penelope A. on 28/02/2022

    Dogs now reject all other biscuits!!

  • Published by Liva V. on 07/10/2021

    An okay perch, quite small though

  • Published by Martina on 31/03/2021

    Easy use and excellent quality, amazing fun for both you and your pet

  • Published by Sharalaa Sathiyabai Rathinavelu on 28/03/2021

    Beutiful, excellent

  • Published by Fahda on 12/05/2020

    Good good good good

  • Published by Małgorzata K. on 13/04/2019

    My dogs love that cookies

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