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Without doubt, the pet dogs are most valued as a pet. But for that company as pleasant, enriching and enjoyable as possible is necessary to conduct dog training practices.

Dogs do not cease to be animals that are guided by their instincts, which can cause behavior at all suitable to live in a house with a family or stroll down the street. Therefore it is essential to make games trainings for dogs.

And here comes the big question : how to educate my dog? There is no doubt that there are professionals and dog breeders for it, but although you can count on your help, in the end are the owners who have to live with our pet, and should we obey at all times. To achieve this at our online pet store will provide all dog accessories you need. Your patience with them and allow your dog to become that animal desired company.

Collars, halters and harnesses training

The first step to educate your dog is to get your daily walks are joyful for him and for you. So in we offer a large range of training collars . The vast majority of them are shaped harness and tether , so you can walk with your pet perfectly safe thanks to its fasteners neck, chest and head.

Maybe you think are some very cumbersome. But manufacturers of this type of training collars such as Halti , Trixie or Softouch , design them so that they are effective, and at the same time very comfortable for the animal. In fact, it is that they understand that they can not go yanking on a walk, and learn to walk the step that marks its owner who is who's boss in this relationship.

Different types of harnesses for dogs that we propose, with the passage of time and perseverance eventually fulfill its role to train your pet. However, for those more stubborn pets, we also offer other items such as electric dog collar , with which you will quickly learn what you are trying to instill.

Dog apports

Although harnesses and collars for dogs are essential tools for education, it is obvious that dogs have to run free. And release all their energy, they are strong, healthy and happy. However, those races do not have to be out of control because no one wants their dog escape, cross the street or approaches where it should not. For that, it is best to do this exercise playing with us.

In this sense apports for dogs are an excellent resource. If something like the dogs is that its owner will throw things and he goes mad running after it. This is where apports come, some toys materials and weights varied shapes perfectly studied for their specialized as are Arquivet or Trixie manufacturers.

The apports are both a fun and educational item for your dog. Because the goal is not to run away after the fictional prey, but then we bring them. As he understands that game round is continuous work is done, and it will be difficult to come out for a walk with him without his favorite dumbbell.

Whistles and dog clickers

Another method of proven effectiveness for dog training are the whistles and clickers . The sense of hearing dogs is not identical to that of men, and they are able to hear frequencies inaudible to us. This is where this type of whistles and acoustic elements into action.

Clicker training and also with whistles, some ultrasonic, serves to let you know immediately when done well. If we obey or sit at the indicated time the sound of the clicker is operated, and he realizes that he has complied with the order. And besides finishes understand if we give the reward of a bauble for dogs . That also you can see the different models of porta prizes available on our website.

Bark collars and other systems to prevent your dog barking

Whether your dog big or small, what else can bother him are barking. It is not easy to educate them in this regard, as barking, with his sign language is their primary means of communicating. However, we must teach that you can not bark at will.

To do this, an effective tool are the bark control collars . This is a built collars device which is actuated by remote control. So when our dog barks and we want to let you know you should not do, we will provoke a discharge of milliamps for him to receive the correction signal. They are not harmful at all for the animal, because the current receiving is minimal and manufacturers that offer this type of training collars as Numaxes or Garmin , they are designed so that the dog does not suffer any trauma or pain.

Another correction method to avoid barking examples are sprays for dogs . Brands such as The Company of Animals will propose a compressed air spray, for use at the right time when your dog barks or behave incorrectly.

Repellents and repelling dogs

Also in spray format, major brands of pet industry as Trixie, or Beaphar Arquivet offer their sprays to prevent your dog do his business where it should not. There are different types of repellent sprays for dogs, for use both inside the home and in your garden. So by the smell coming from the spray, the dog will know that there must never be relieved.

There are other sprays are also related to the needs of our dogs, in this case, sex. Are sprays designed to apply over females during mating season, so the smell that impregnates, serves repeller male dogs This behavior is impidem unwanted pregnancies, and even fights between males who want to copulate with female. These latter items are not training tools themselves, but they are extremely practical.

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