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Dog snacks

The dog snacks are much more than a cookie that occasionally we give our pet. They are indispensable for fun food, their training, their oral hygiene and of course is also a type of dog food , not as food as it is the feed or cans of wet food , but meal after all .

In short, it is food and more, a product that should never miss in the closet of any dog ​​owner.

To train your dog

Snacks or dog biscuits are essential during the puppy. It is the means to make him understand what is done correctly and what not. Snacks are like dog treats for him to learn the most basic notions of behavior.

However, they are not only useful for the early teachings puppies. Also for dog training later they are required. Snacks for dogs no longer treats the dog and they are a real luxury for your palate. Of course, not all snacks like all dogs. In our shop we have a host of animal crackers, sticks and many other ways to find the more you like your animal. Since it is very important that passionate, because they have to be a tasty reward after receiving doing things correctly.

Therefore it is necessary that your taste. If you bought a bag of snacks and do not eat, do not waste time. You'll have to try another brand, other flavors, shapes and aromas. If training can not fail.

Of course, when you find your favorite Goody, you 'll need to fill up your bag for prizes, as your dog will be willing to learn anything just to get those succulent rewards.

For dental hygiene

We've already advanced that dog snacks are also a good resource to keep your teeth in good condition. We have many tough enough for the dog snacks suck, bite down and mainly serve him to gnaw their teeth. It is very healthy and he does it instinctively, even if the snack is in the shape of dog bones . Then you wake up every instinct of hunter and gnaws the bone without stopping. In fact, this activity is not caused both the shape of the snack as its taste and smell, and in that sense the ox called nerves can also be ideal.

The nutritional value of snacks

We have already said that such awards are also a nutritional contribution to After ingested. For that reason it is interesting to know the ingredients of these products. The truth is that if the dog is fit and healthy, has no contraindications, although you can always opt for natural snacks for dogs that ensure a healthier development.

However, keep in mind that this type of cookies and bones are a prize, they are like candy for children. It is, they are very tasty, which sometimes makes them a greater amount of sugar or fat feed or wet dog food. In fact, they are delicacies for them, and as with our delicacies, you can not abuse.

However, in the case of these canine delicatesen, manufacturers concoct care products and very healthy as possible. For example, there are snacks lights for dogs with weight problems and there are also hypo - allergenic, for those animals suffering from allergic conditions.

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