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Hairdressing and hygiene for dogs

All you need for hygiene of your dog you'll find in our shop online animals. All dog grooming products that you can imagine, from shampoos , conditioners or towels for dogs to other accessories such as brushes, combs and colognes for dogs .

But the health of these pets goes beyond care of their hair. In our animal shop also you find mouthwash for dogs or nail clippers without olvidarotros accessories for cleaning.

Hairdressing dogs

The first step for our dog is clean and healthy is to bathe regularly. And of course to do so it is necessary to use shampoos dog , specializing in hair and skin of these animals. Once bathed our pet with special products for it, do not hesitate to apply other conditioners in the form of oils , sprays and creams , which besides providing beauty to the hair of the animal, especially given a role health, causing benefits on your skin.

Any dog shampoo or conditioning lotion present in our sample has the guarantees of the big brands that put on the market such as Trixie, Novopet or Chadog, among many others, so that you can apply with all the tranquility. However, dogs suffer from skin allergies as a person can have, so research previously on the components of each of these products to prevent these types of conditions.

All right. It is clean and our dog's fur and skin carefully. Because like when we go to the hairdresser, we still have the stage to comb with care to our pet. For that we have different combs and brushes dog , both animals longhaired as other shorthaired. Even you'll notice detangling combs, extremely useful in certain races. As for long - haired breeds it is very useful to have a dryer dogs to prevent moisture in your body longer than necessary. And whether large or small, your pet has to have their dog towels exclusive, and Miscota we offer for all sizes, but always highly absorbent.

And yet without leaving the dog grooming section, we'll show more useful products for beauty care of your pet. From scissors and electric clippers clippers , to dyes dog, to perfumes and colognes for dogs . In short, our online pet store can provide you with everything you need for your dog regularly enjoy an intense session hairdresser.

More hygienic care for the dog

Since going to the hairdresser, we can also take to make a pedicure. You will see different element for it in the corresponding section. Especially scissors and limes specifically designed as nail clippers dog .

In fact nails are not the only areas of their legs that much care must be taken in a pet. We must also pay close attention to their pads. Simply understand that this is the only area that is always in contact with the ground, so we have to constantly review and in our pet shop you will see that we have different pharmacological products for care.

And if the pads can be a source of infection of your dog, so does his mouth. That is, the canine oral hygiene is one aspect that you can check periodically to anticipate serious problems. Neither more nor less than we do people. And the truth is that the care is very similar. So that between this type of dog accessories you are getting toothpastes, mouthwashes and toothbrushes for dogs . Obviously, all products of specialized brands, as Ferplast, or Beaphar Artero, who have taken into account the morphology of the mouths of dogs and their behavior, so that these brushes are extremely efficient.

Deworming and other care

Although one is not very aware of health and hygiene of your pet, there is one aspect that must never neglect, and this is linked with the parasite prevention. It is very important to be cautious against the threat of fleas, ticks and other parasites. In fact, in Miscota we have a whole chapter devoted to broad antiparasitic products where you will find different models of flea collars, pipettes and sprays.

However, there are other simple precautions you can also apply to your pet. For example, we offer you different products for eye health and ears. And if for reasons of infections in any of them, you need neither eyes nor ears not scratch, also we have the Elizabethan collars that prevent contact with their feet, that he can relieve him at first, but eventually it can be very negative.

Other canine hygiene

We have seen shampoos, brushes for dogs, for your hair and your teeth, flea collars and sprays, cleaners or nail clippers dog eyes, among many other canine hygiene products. But without leaving our online pet shop you can still find more.

For example, wipes dogs . Moist towelettes, sometimes flavored and not others, for desinfectarle wounds or wipe soiled areas of your body. Even you will see that we have available is a first aid kit , which hopefully will not have to get to use.

What I want you to get to use are the dog diapers because it is a sign that a small puppy has entered your house. These swabs for dogs are very practical in their first days of life, until gradually know when it's time and place to realize their needs. It's like a baby, and needs this kind of items designed exclusively for him. Earlier definitely you need those diapers dog and subsequent cleaning with disinfectant wipes, but you'll soon learn to get things done the right way.

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