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You are looking for food for your dog? You're in the indicated web! We have all kinds of dog food of the best brands. Food and nutrition your dog is vital for the proper development of your pet and to prevent possible diseases generated by a poor diet.

It is extremely important, therefore, that food choices that best suits the needs of your dog. Not all types of dog foods are suitable in each case. Find always good that you feed your dog and eat foods that fit the canine diet that suits you.

In you find the latest news on dog food, choosing among 2,000 leading brands on the market. We have products in all price ranges and for all budgets. Our mission is to offer pet products at fair and honest prices, with an easily navigable web to get a quick and convenient shopping.

Visit our website and view room rates to find the product that best fits your four-legged friend. With one click you can choose food and easily receive at home. We have over 400,000 products in our catalog and internationally known brands such as Royal Canin , Eukanuba , Acana , Orijen , Advance , Pro Plan , Nutro , etc. For every purchase you will receive discounts and promotions. Sign up for free and start saving.

How to care for your pet?

Pets are considered part of the family, for this reason we want to give the best to keep them healthy and fit. Many studies have confirmed they have been for dogs and cats carnivores time but have subsequently needed a diet based on natural ingredients that your body has all the nutritional requirements they need.

Dog food   It should be complete in carbohydrates and protein. It is advised not always leave food available to the dog because the dog thinks it has control of the food and not the owner. For example, you must leave the container in the morning, give 10 or 15 minutes of time and if you're hungry dog ​​eat. Obviously you should not leave food off the plate or container; it is not advisable to feed the dog on the table. If you give food when you eat, you will be giving the dog a role that should not have. You should always leave a dispenser of fresh water when the dog eats. Finally, if you are unsure of what brand you give your dog, do not fear, we have our dog food web of all sizes, races and ages. Choose the brand more suited to the requirement of your dog and not change them, because this may be harmful to the health of your animal. Consult your veterinarian if you have questions.


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If you can not take your dog to dinner ... Bring dinner at home with! We have hundreds of brands of dog food available in feed, delicious croquettes or wet food. Thanks to the food, your dog may develop teeth and gums for good chewing. While the food meets the dietary needs of your dog, you can combine with wet food as much as you want. Among the leading brands, try think Royal Canin fully nutritious and natural ingredients that increase the welfare of your animal. Or try products Acana to give your dog or cat rations Canadian fresh and original ingredients.

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