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Bayer for dogs

Bayer for dogs

Bayer’s Animal Health Division is one of the world’s largest suppliers of veterinary medicinal products for use in household pets, horses and livestock. The majority of products in the range have been developed through Bayer's own research and development programmes, which specialise in infectious disease and parasites in animals.

Bayer's current product range includes: comprehensive range of parasite treatments for dogs and cats that are available in tablet and spot on formulations. a ground-breaking antimicrobial product used to treat bacterial diseases in dogs, cats and exotic animals (small mammals, reptiles and birds), as well as cattle, pigs and certain classes of poultry.


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  • Published by Khadija Alshamsi on 24/05/2018

    nice one still have it

  • Published by Julie T. on 18/11/2013

    I´ve been using this shampoo for a long time and I have to say it´s excellent. I recommend it everybody !

  • Published by Mia R. on 18/11/2013

    Really effective, thanks. My dog has a strong smell and share my little flat with him was uncomfortable

  • Published by Steward F. on 18/11/2013

    Removes dirt and bad smells. My dear Freckles loves going into puddles and my flatmate goes crazy when we come back from a walk ... now everybody is happy

  • Published by Robert R. on 18/11/2013

    Very helpful to clean after having a walk. Normally goes crazy bitting between pads but this seems to help

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