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Anti-Flea & Parasite Drops for Cats

Anti-Flea & Parasite Drops for Cats

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Antiparasitic pipettes for cats

Pipettes for cats become your greatest ally when it comes to repel and eliminate all types of parasites, especially if you have a kitten.

In the catalog antiparasitic for cats of you can find: antigarrapatas pipettes for cats , mosquito pipettes for cats , pipettes anti lice cat and flea pipettes for cats .

The use of pipettes for cats deworming makes your feline is efficient and quick!

Due to rapid action with acting pipettes for cats, at an estimated 12 hours your pet will be freed from the parasites. Pipettes are applied directly to the cat's skin, causing the immediate death of these external parasites.

Pipettes Frontline for cats

This is the most complete treatment against fleas, ticks and lice, as it integrates in a single pipette two molecules, one that does away with pesky parasites that are on the animal, and one that removes the eggs and larvae of fleas. It also acts on immature forms in the environment, protecting your cat reinfestation.

The cats are Frontline pipettes fast application and give efficient results because it starts to act once applied to the skin and hair cat. They can be used in any size and pets of all ages.

- marks pipettes for cats

In you can select the right products for your cat deworming. Here you will find professional brands like Bayer , Beaphar , Esteve , Frontline , Héry Laboratoires , Virbac , Vétoquinol , Zoetis among others.

We are united with you in the fight against parasites of your cat!

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