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Gourmet for cats

Gourmet is a company committed to cats, so through research and development of new products, they deepen the understanding of their needs, making wet food for your pet to follow a healthy diet.
Gourmet cares about your cat's nutrition, that's why they are specialized in the elaboration of the food that can satisfy their needs. In addition, they work in that their products have a texture, aroma and flavor pleasant and appetizing for the mascot, so that it can calm the most demanding appetites of the felines
We have a wide selection of these products, including several ranges to suit everything that is essential for the welfare of your pet.


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  • Published by Zeeshan Ali on 21/04/2024

    great product and fast delivery

  • Published by Sammy on 04/11/2023

    My cat loves the flavour and the texture is superb.

  • Published by Sebastian Russell on 17/08/2022

    Fantastic cat soup!

  • Published by Sebastian Russell on 17/08/2022

    Fantastic cat soup!

  • Published by Sebastian Russell on 17/08/2022

    Fantastic cat soup!

  • Published by Theodoros Stergiopoulos on 03/07/2022

    My cats like it

  • Published by Kristina K. on 20/06/2022

    the best food ever used

  • Published by Deborah on 10/05/2022

    2 of my cats will only eat dry food but they love this soup.

  • Published by Paula K. on 04/05/2022

    My cat just loves this

  • Published by Fumiyo on 27/04/2022

    This is only soup products my fassy cats accept to eat !!!!

  • Published by Sarah on 18/04/2022

    Fantastic. My cats eat only this and lick the plate clean.

  • Published by Zahra on 13/01/2022

    My cat is love it

  • Published by Zahra on 13/01/2022

    My cat is love it

  • Published by Peter on 22/12/2021

    This is one of the few things our fussy Ragdolls will eat. Thank god these guys have it available. Not great for the planet shipping it from Spain but no one in the UK has this any longer. I hope they don't stop selling it here.

  • Published by Theodoros Stergiopoulos on 08/11/2021

    My cats love it

  • Published by דניאל שניידר on 23/10/2021

    my cat love this product

  • Published by Jason P. on 28/07/2021

    This is a great supplement and very difficult to buy in England

  • Published by Jenny F. on 03/03/2020

    Good treat for once in a while

  • Published by Gillian S. on 06/05/2016

    Cat was very happy to get her favourite food again, which is no longer produced in the UK. Just ordered the rabbit terrine, which we can't get here either.

  • Published by Susan Berry on 08/01/2016

    MY FUSS POT CATS LOVE GOURMET TERRINE. They are so fussy they only sniff or look at anything other than Gourmet Terrine then walk away. The Gourmet Terrine gets similar treatment but when they realise what it is they tuck iin.

  • Published by Janet T. on 19/08/2015

    I received this food as a free sample when I ordered my usual Royal Canin dry food. As I opened the can my cat couldn't wait to get at the food, he absolutely loved it, he didn't save any for my other cat! Love the service from Miscota with speedy delivery and the occasional free treat.

  • Published by Marjaana R. on 29/06/2015

    Our 12 years old cat loves Gourmet Gold mousses. She usually eats dry food, with mousses for variation as a treat. She has lost most of her teeth to FORL. However, it's easy for her to eat her James Wellbeloved dry food and Gourmet Gold mousses. She doesn't eat any other kind of wet food. She just licks the sauce or the jellies and leabes the pieces! Sje also eats fresh meat. I'm very satisfied with Gourmet Gold mousses.

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