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Among the entire catalog of products for cats that we offer in our online pet store, definitely the toy section is one of the largest and naturally funny. The games cats are one of the main elements for these felines are today one of the favorite pets in our homes, because when you are entertaining with their toys is when we got to see all the intelligence, skill and agility of these incredible felines.

It never hurts to give him a new divertimento your pet. If you know you do not buy, take a look at our section on, here you are the best toys for cats.

The essential scrapers cats

A scraper cats is much more than a toy for cats. With it, cats sharpen their nails, nail and stretch desentumeciendo your muscles and makes them ultimately feel like real cats, because with these movements is also marking its territory both visually, with scratches, as olfactory, with the aroma permeating their interdigital glands.

All are benefits for the cat and for you. Since the scraper if you choose to do these instinctive practice, that means that it will not on the couch or chairs. That is all you come out winning. However, they do not always want to use it, so, especially at the beginning, you have to educate them for it. What is the solution? You must become at times in a cat, so imítalos and scratches you this article for cats. If you repeat the operation several days, he eventually you will end copy and do the same in your scraper.

Do not hesitate, you usually end up using it , the scraper is the way it is. Shaped floors, carpet, tree or in any of the formats that are present in our online store. Some designs scrapers are the work of specialized brands such as Classics Products for Pets, Trixie or Arquivet.

Toys natural ways to cats

The cat is by nature a hunter species. So one of their favorite games is to simulate the hunts that would in their natural habitat. In order to play with that freedom, we offer different cat toys whose forms will evoke their usual prey. Ie, mice , fish, crabs, birds or rabbits. Many of them made in natural fibers to chew and pricked fun for what it is, an animal.

Instead other cat toys are made with natural forms such as latex, plastic or rubber to withstand their attacks. And also we bear, especially many who remember the mice, as this is given the appearance of natural hair. Do not forget that cats entered human houses mainly for its ability to hunt rodents, so to entertain you buy unless some other mouse lie.

Cat Teddies

Not only have stuffed mice for your cat. Brands like Vitakraft, Karlie Flamingo or Petstages offer a wide range of toys for cats with the most varied shapes and sizes. The same figures that seem to have chickens, hedgehogs or birds that many more reports and indefinite. In this line are the kickeroo for cats, some soft objects that your cat can make your own struggles, exercising and making it us a sedentary cat.

In the background it gives a bit like how all these stuffed animals and accessories for your cat, the goal is that your pet around with that kind of products for the Pussycats be entertained, and when they get bored, you will not need to say anything . He just let the toy and go to your favorite place in the house, of course lie cast a well-deserved sleep.

Balls and tunnels for cats

Speaking of the favorite corners of the cat at home maybe you're thinking that occupy your seat sofa or uploaded to your bed. It does not have to be this way. In we have the ideal place to stop filling your bedroom hairs toy. These are the tunnels for cats . A toy that is fun and you can educate him so that he himself become his refuge.

Knowing the effectiveness of this game for cats Ferplast brands like Kong or Trixie have designed countless tubes for felines. You buy it and build this toy cat at home. Gradually the animal, in addition to scamper for him, eventually transforming it into his private lair. The place to hide and where to store their prey hunted by house, which are none other than mice bear or balls cat, another of his favorite toys that move and can bite without breaking them, since they are made in resistant natural - based games biting and scratching materials.

Playing with your cat

Although many of their games does not need your participation, for others it is much fun if it interacts with you. We also offer many possibilities in this respect, that in addition to entertain insight and activate their innate intelligence. We pens to play with him, pendulums, mobile or laser pendulums. And even food dispensers that giving awards reward when you get to understand the workings of the contraption.

In short, we have toys so you can create a real park for cats, with tunnels, mini slides, balls and a lot of objects, all designed to keep your active cat, both from a physical point of view as well as mentally. The best way that your cat is healthy and also possible coexistence with him, avoiding aggression problems because you can download all your energy playing and having fun.

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