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Kennels and cat doors

Cats have a very special character, and if there is a common note in all felines is their radical trend toward free and autonomous behavior. We do not say who want to escape from a house. No. While feel loved and maintained, can make their getaways, but they always come back.

Homes for cats

Actually, what they like is to have some independence and some come to jealously keep his distance. That means they are not looking for pampering, cuddling and warmth of the sofa. But they are able to accommodate their fondest behavior, other times when you decide to retire in solitude to her house cat or climb onto the windowsill to watch the landscape while sharpening their claws on the scraper for cats that we have placed at your favorite lookout.

Anyway, in our pet shop know well the behavior of domestic cats, so we have everything to make coexistence possible with them, respecting their character and their needs. So here you are going to find many houses for cats, which are its real haven within the family home. And here you can find the typical cat flaps, which are their particular escape route, to enjoy their trips abroad.

Variety in kennels for cats

Just as we can provide different brands, flavors and textures cat food , also we offer different models of kennels for cats. To choose them you have to take into account their character, if it is more timid or more protective, so that it is more or less open. But we must also take into account the age and agility of our cat.

You will see that there are houses for cats with the cabin up, even with also high for the sideboards trough or feeder cats , and there may also be room for a good scraper or to arrange cat toys . gatunas fantastic, but logically for agile and juvenile homes. If you live with a pet of a certain age and its infirmities, try to choose a simpler and especially more accessible booth.

Doors cat

If you have a garden on your property, or live in a rural, and even location in a residential area where there is heavy traffic we recommend the best gift you can imagine for your pet. It is installing a cat flap. A door that only he can go outside to do their expeditions, whether it is a race that has this trend. Because not all cats do.

Do not worry, cats and you have said that are very independent, but mostly are remarkably intelligent, and despite having been domesticated for thousands of years, still keep much of their ancestral instincts that help them survive in the wild. So the doors for cats are a very good idea for them to go out and feel much more fulfilled, and therefore more happy, not forgetting that they will be agile and healthier.

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