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Food for exotic birds

Parakeets, canaries, parrots, parakeets and finches, among many other birds are very common pets in our homes. The big advantage is that it is animals capable of giving life to a home without that we assume too be aware of them because they do not generate many problems with their most basic needs. In reality, that they have a cage that we clean regularly and give them to eat, almost everything is solved in your life. And right now we are going to talk about the birdseed .

Variety of food for birds

Each species of bird has its own peculiarities, and of course that is also reflected in their food. Not like the porridge for lovebirds the food of parrots . As are not identical the cages for parakeets that partridges, nor is equal to the food macaws the food for canaries .

So now let's go sort by telling you species which foods or food supplements for birds have available in our shop online animals where you can buy everything you need to care for your pet, not only their food, but all kinds of accessories birds like their cages or feeders and waterers .

Food for canaries

Canaries are one of the little songbirds that we can have at home. Their diet is based birdseed mainly, but you will see that we have available other containers with complementary foods based on different fruits. All with the aim of their diet is as much as possible as close to the wild, which certainly helps to make your attractive songs. In fact, feeding the canaries may be true for other songbirds, for it also serves as food for finches.

And besides birdseed and other mixtures to put in your bird feeders, we also have pasta for breeding canaries, a pap indispensable if we decided to have a pair of canaries and come to reproduce.

Food for budgies

We also have a variety of foods as beans, flax seeds, mixed fruit, porridges and pastes for young budgies. As in other cases of birdseed present in our shop, also here all these food products are of top brands in the sector such as Kiki , ZuPreem or Vitakraft , just to mention a few. But check it out to our chapters of food for parakeets, or food for exotic birds or any other bird (to have food for partridges, for turtledoves or pigeons) and see how we have a wide variety of products with different packaged for you to buy the quantities that suit you, depending on the number of your pets.

For example, it is very common to have several pairs of budgies cages or other species of the same family, such as nymphs and lovebirds. Well the food nymphs, also known as carolinas, or food for lovebirds, is very similar to parakeets, although there are some specific for each of these species sacks. However, in the case of porridge or pasta breeding you will see that we have some under the name Psittacus brand, which actually is the name of this whole family of birds and therefore is good for all of them.

Food for exotic birds

Another type of pet are quite common winged exotic birds on the type of parrots, macaws, cockatoos or parrots. For all of them we have their ideal food, and in most cases is made from grains, such as sunflower themselves.

In the case of these animals, they already have a larger bearing that all of the above, the fact is that everything is multiplied. Since the size of its cage until the amount of food they eat. However, this also has its rewards, such as being able to teach to speak to the parrot or without going further give their food by hand, since in many cases prefer that they not resort to the most typical bird feeders.

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